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7 Must Have Productivity Tools for Students in 2019

In order to provide respite to students from their busy schedule that is usually filled with back to back assignments, there should be something that can make their life easier.

Thankfully, if you are a busy student as well, and are sailing in the same boat, your prayers are answered in the form of productivity tools.

These tools can help you in managing your time efficiently while also helping you strike the right chord between the studies and other works.

Without much ado, let’s have a closer look at the best productivity tools that every student must have in their arsenal.

1. Evernote

Who hasn’t heard about Evernote before? If you didn’t know about it yet, you are surely missing a lot of action. It is a digital platform to organize your notes. Additionally, it also helps you in remembering the important tasks.

Evernote is a free tool that contains a pool of features which are highly effective in saving and organizing articles, PDF files, and images. What’s more? The tool even allows you to draw on your own and helps you save audio and video files.

How does it work? Your Evernote account is synced with email. Thus, this way, you won’t lose your data in any circumstance.

2. Write Monkey


Assignments are all about writing. Writing an essay requires complete attention in order to awake new and better thoughts and to maintain the flow of writing. However, if the best iPad Pro games often tend to divert you attention, Write Monkey is all that you need.

It Write money enables you to write your essay in peace without any distraction that too in a full-screen mode.

It eliminates all sorts of interventions by blocking programs that may hinder your focus while writing. It has an interface that compels you to write more in a comfortable manner. The tool can be customized to your needs. You can also access dictionaries, writing statistics that are required while writing.

3. Dropbox

Having a beautiful iPad Pro 12.9 case is cool and all, but additionally, we would highly recommend you to get Dropbox.

It is an amazing tool that lets you access and share bigger files without thinking about the file size with Dropbox. All those pdf files of each chapter, the syllabus, extra notes and what not! Dealing with them can be a real headache. This is especially true when you have all the stuff with you but you are not sure of its whereabouts.

Dropbox is a one stop for all your study material which can be easily accessed through your computer, mobile, laptop or tablet with the help of an internet connection.

You can even share the files with your friends. It comes with a 2GB free space which can be expanded up to 16GB by sending invite referrals to your friends.

4. Soshiku

Do you frequently forget doing your homework because of heaps of daily tasks? Well, that’s natural! But unfortunately, the excuse of forgetting won’t ever be justified. Soshiku is a productivity tool specialized for students that will help you in keeping track of college duties and reminds you of all the important details. It is a lifesaver and protects you from many oh-shit-moments when you reach college.

5. Nirvana

This is another productivity tool which is tailor-made for students. This is basically a task managing application which helps you to be extra productive. It has a modern interface which focuses more on getting things done rather than managing them. It lets you record tasks with the help of an email. You can also use its smartphone application for easier access.

Thereby, the tool allows you to organize the tasks into different segments, allows you to add contacts, track what tasks are left to be done and lets you export them to your computer.

6. Essential PIM

Do you often forget the password to your study material and study calendar folder? Essential PIM takes care of it. PIM stands for personal information manager. It manages anything and everything for you from appointments, tasks, contacts, notes, passwords to your emails. It is a digital form of a sticky note that remembers everything you put on it. This way, you have everything on your fingertips right from student ID number to study group appointment.

7. Noisli

Do you love to finish your assignments or study better with a synchronized running background music that calms your soul? Noisli is all about instrumental music that soothes your mind while studying. Some of the soundscapes of Noisli includes campfire, crickets and wind, train and rain, fan and thunderstorm and such other natural sounds.

Your Turn

Along with these, there are numerous other productivity tools for students that can be tried and used to make your college life much easier and more enjoying. Make use of them and you will know the difference they have made.


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