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6 Best and Coolest Spy Gadgets to use in 2018 | Cheapest Spy Gadgets 2018 |

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Best Spy Gadgets to use in 2018 that Will Blow your Mind.


Here are the Best Spy Gadgets that we have in Market in 2017 . Not only are these Spy gadgets Best , They are also Cheapest and of Highest Quality and Easy to use for Kids. 


1.  Micro SD Card Covert Coin – Secret Compartment Spy Gadget (US Nickel)



These Covert Coins are hand-made expertly from real coins to create a secret interior compartment within the coin. Once the coin is shut, It is Impossible To Distinguish a Convert Coin and a Real coin with Naked eye. Because of their tight seal,their is no Chance that they will be Accidentally Opened . Each coin contains an opening ring, and only that Ring can Open that Coin and nothing else in this World.





2. Spy Gear – Door Alarm



The Spy Gear Door Alarm protects your room by sounding an alarm if anyone tries to intrude. Only the Person who has the key can Deactivate the alarm . This Device can Easily be be Attached to your Door frame and the Door. A person can Go anywhere like Long Holidays and Spend Weekends without having to Care about his Belongings at Home. The Alarm Sounds Everytime the Magnetic Seal is Broken . So Just Lock your Maindoor with any Ordinary or Normal Lock and use this Spy Device along so that it Sounds an Alarm if any Thief tries to Break That Lock.



3. SPY DVR Camera Camcorder Sunglasses


spy glasses



Yes you Guessed this Right , These Spy Camera Glasses Contains A small Camera which can Record Anything you are Watching , Cool isnt it? . Look Cool While you are Recording Everything that is Going around you and Save it Anywhere . A camera is hidden in between these sunglasses and can record video in 720p for up to two hours on each battery charge. This Spy Gadget is Best for Outdoor Surveillance and when Someone can Look Cool and Record everything Simultaneously .






4. Hidden Spy Voice Recorder Pen



This Tiny Device is Very Useful . Not only for Spying, anyone can use this Pen for Meetings or Conversations to Recall what someone said and also to Record Someones Voice or Statement who might Change his Statement in Future. The Recording From this Pen can be a Proof against Him. Spy Voice Recorder Pen also Supports one Button Recording , so Just Push That Button and Record your Surroundings. 




5. Wiseup Anti Spy Signal Lens



Wiseup Anti Spy Signal Lens is a professional anti-spy equipment, it can detect most of the wireless cameras and audio bugs by RF frequency detection. It can also use an array of ultra bright LED that create a strong reflection from a camera’s lens. All frequencies including GSM, Wifi, Bluetooth, FM, VHF, UHF, 900/1200/2400 wireless audio and video transmit frequencies can be detected.



6. AIGO DGTL DVR Spy Watch



It is a very Useful surveillance DVR wrist watch, encased in polished stainless steel and have Attractive black leather straps along with it. This DVR wrist Watch can record hours of video footage and has 4GB Internal memory and contains a USB port to Connect to Laptop or PC easily.

This Spy Watch Looks Exactly like Normal Watches and Look Super Attractive due to its Leather Straps and no one can Figure out that it is actually a ‘Spy Watch’ , plus its 100% Waterproof as well.


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