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Top 3 Best Dashboard Camera APEMAn Dash Cam, Falcon Zero f360, Rexing V1P


Are you in search of highly effective best dash cam 2018 for your car, jeep, van? The market is flooded with a huge number of dual dash cam, every year new models are launched and also the current once is upgraded. It is very difficult for an individual to decide which one to opt and which one to leave. here are top 3 best dual dash cam which does the job well and also are affordable. They have excellent video recording feature and have inbuilt night vision cameras to record everything on road without any distortion of data. Dual dash cam allows you to capture everything on road; both from rhe fronts as well as the back. you can capture and see everything happen from both the directions, you can also capture if a sudden collision happens or a theft takes place nearby.



  1. APEMan Dash Cam

APEMan Dash Cam is an trendy and highly techno-savvy camera which captures everything on road with precision.It has full HD 1440 x 1080 pixel. This dash cam comes with 6 high-quality lenses which captures everything on high definition, additionally, the images are crisp and video footage is of high quality. APEMan Dash Cam allows capturing everything in the wider angle of 170 degrees.


Here are some features of APEMan Dash Cam

  1. APEMan Dash Cam has exceptionally wonderful low vision camera.
  2. It allows you to park safety with parking monitoring option.
  3. The G sensor offers high protection of vehicle on road.
  4. APEMan Dash Cam comes with an emergency accident lock, in this, the video recording is safely saved and can be retrieved later on.

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  1. Falcon Zero f360


Falcon Zero f360 is the perfect choice if you are looking for a discreet option for your vehicle. This dash cam come with a rearview mirror dash cam and it can also replace your rearview mirror with its highly effective camera DVR system. Additionally, it also comes with a parking assistant system, which ensures you park your vehicle safely every time. here are some excellent features of Falcon Zero f360 which make it unique and affordable at the same time.


  1. highly effective rotational camera which captures everything up to 180-degrees.

2.high storage space which supports data storage of up to 32GB SD cards.

  1. high definition Night vision recording.
  2. high definition camera to record everything with clarity,
  3. Auto recording feature when a collision happens.
  4. Cord management system and loop recording option.


  1. Racing V1P is a robust 2.4 inch LCD dual dash camera which allows you to drive safely on road. it has exceptionally amazing features like G sensors, recording in the loop, wide-angle recording HD recording etc. here are few more features captures everything in 1080 pixel and in 170-degree wide angle lens.

  1. Comes with a Micro SD support and a charging cable.
  2. The entre DVR system is very light in weight.
  3. Racing V1P can work effectively even in different temperature ranges starting from 10 to 140-degree


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