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How to choose Best Microphones for Your Videos on Youtube 2018

best microphones 2018
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Whether you’re a Youtuber or blogger this day, video marketing is something which helps you to stands out from rest. There are lots of things which you have to consider while making videos. Extracting ideas, getting knowledge, making it creative and then putting all those things on one platform. One thing which is essential in all this process is Voice over. Voice is something which plays an important role in your video.

If your audio is not up to the mark, then your whole work will be in vain. Nobody wants to watch a video which has a bad audio quality. I have seen many videos in which the maker have been concerned about video quality but lacks in audio. So for that, you have to choose the best microphone for your video content. But before buying a microphone, you need to look at specific points.


best microphones 2018


Things to consider before buying microphone:

A Good Budget –

There’s a saying; the more you invest, the more you get. You have to keep a high budget for a getting good mic because you will get what you pay for. A good mic drives good audio. If you do a facecam video alone then, the unidirectional mic would be perfect for you as it records sounds from one direction only. And if you want to capture sound from all directions then omnidirectional mic would be great.


A Peaceful Environment –

While recording audio, you have to maintain a peaceful environment. When the environment around you is quiet, then you can record better quality audio. You have to keep complete silence you can do this by turning off fans and air conditioners and use a locked room.


Audio Consistency –

You have to check again and again that in which type of criteria you get better audio for that use the same room and keep same settings as you have kept in earlier recording. Placing mic close to you or far from you also makes a difference. Use a pop shield to get noise protection. It eliminates popping sounds caused by the impact of fast moving air on the microphone during recording.



Choosing the right pattern –

  1. Polar Pattern

Polar pattern mic records sound from the direction from which it accepts or ignores incoming sounds. They are further divided into three pattern:


1.1 Omnidirectional

An omnidirectional mic records sound from all directions, and they are capable of capturing audio in a circular pattern. They’re often used as the built-in microphone for most cameras. It is great for catching a wide range of audio and good for documentary filmmakers.

1.2 Bidirectional

A bi-directional mic record sound from east and west, it is useful for recording ADR (automated dialogue replacement).

1.3 Unidirectional

A Unidirectional mic picks up sound from one direction. Point the mic at what you want to capture and it not only gets this sound, but it grabs surrounding sound too.

  1. Multi-Pattern Microphones

This has a unique dual-capsule design, and they are versatile in nature means allows you to swap between the three common polar patterns:


Omnidirectional and

Figure-8 or Bidirectional

So you can switch between them anytime you want.


Picking an appropriate microphone that suits your needs and budget can be bit tricky but No need to worry we have found a perfect microphones review over OnTheSpeakers which can help you in choosing the best microphone that is apt for you.


Final Thought

No matter how much great content you add to your blog, videos have taken a great place in content marketing. You can create videos on your phone but for audio, you have to search for some better option, and that could be only possible through microphones. Think about what type of video you want to make, will it be a facecam video or voice over video or you will bring the guest over it? Choose wisely the microphone you want according to the video you are making.

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