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5 Reasons why buying an LOL account makes sense

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Now many people who are just starting to play League of Legends have no idea that they can actually buy an LOL account. AussyELO sells League of Legends accounts, and there are many reasons why you should consider buying one as opposed to progressing the old-fashioned way. We will explore five reasons why you should consider one with perhaps the most significant perk being avoiding a lot of frustration that’s associated with progressing through the game.


Way Faster That Levelling Up Yourself

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One of the biggest reasons why people buy League of Legends accounts is the fact that it saves players time. Leveling up organically takes a pretty long time considering that it requires around 20,042 XP. The average player will earn 90 XP for every 25 minutes that they play. So, if you do the math which is pretty easy, consider playing for over 90 hours to reach level 30. But you also need to consider that some matches take longer than 25 minutes. It stands to reason that you’ll be putting a lot of time into leveling up as opposed to enjoying ranked games.

Cheaper Than Buying Individual Champions

Most smurf accounts come with around 20k of IP, which you can use to buy a couple of third tier legendary champs. Each champion costs around 3,200 IP which is 790 RP. That roughly equates to 4,740 RP, which amounts to $36 of real-world money. Whereas you can get a smurf account for less which saves you a great deal of money. Some smurf accounts have 16 champions unlocked, so you are saved from farming IP or saving money for the purchase.

You Get A Truckload of IP When Buying an Account

Most if not all League of Legends accounts come with the added benefit of RP and IP included. You can expect to get around 20,000 IP on average, which is more than enough to purchase 3 of your favorite legendary champions. On average a legendary champ costs 6,300 IP according to leagueoflegends.wikia.com, that’s a lot of time you’re saving farming that IP. So, you just buy the champions based on the role you’re interested in playing and get right to work.

Play with Friends of a Lower Rank

If you want to continue playing with your friends even if they are of a lower rank, you can still do it as a smurf. Being at level 30 generally means that you’ll be playing games intended for players at your rank. Though we also understand that many players may not feel comfortable playing a skill demanding game if they are just starting out. That’s where having a level 30 account is a good idea because you can then adjust it to any level you’re comfortable with playing. So, you still get to enjoy all the really fun parts.

The IP you get can also be spent on other essentials like runes which is important in ranked games. So, you purchase everything without wasting time, and even for gamers time is certainly money!

Play On Any New Region

Switching a region is easy when you buy a level 30 account. The EUW is amongst the most competitive and requires a lot of skill, and so there are many players buying second accounts in this region just to test their skills. You can also buy a server transfer from Riot’s store for $20, but it can be hard to switch back once you’ve switched. So, buying a new account makes sense because that way you keep both accounts and all their stats. Purchasing an account in a different region is a huge ego booster because it allows you to show off all those fancy skills you’ve picked up from those hours of labor.

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