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How to Bypass Online Surveys to Download Files for FREE in 2018

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How often you Jumped onto a website or blog post from google or somewhere else and you are in Search of any File or Want to Download or Unlock any File but that website throws random online surveys at you. Sometimes , you complete the survey and get your Desired file or setup but many a times those websites betray you as after completing their surveys, you are brought to some page where there is no option to Download any File or Software. Don’t worry now, in this Article on ” How to Bypass Surveys to Download Files“, we will List Some Latest Methods to Bypass Online Surveys in 2018.

But Why do those Websites want you to Complete those Irritating Surveys? Some Surveys even ask visitors about their Personal Details such as Email id, Contact Number and they later spam you by Calling or Emailing you. Obviously, They are paid by Companies to complete surveys about any particular product or give them Email ids or Mobile Numbers. Now lets get to some serious talk and learn the Latest Ways to Bypass Online Surveys to download or Unlock our Desired Files.

There are Numerous ways to Bypass surveys but we Bring you 4 Awesome and 100% Working Methods only. Listed Below are some ways to Bypass Surveys easily-


Method 1 – Using Websites to Bypass Online Surveys for Downloading Files

There are several websites, like which helps you in Bypassing Surveys by simply entering the URL. This website can easily bypass surveys of file sharing websites and other websites also without causing you any problem. Since now File sharing websites are slowly making surveys which cannot be closed down by this website, surveybypass , you can give it a try and then move on to other Methods Listed Below.


how to bypass surveys to download files


Method 2 – Bypass Surveys using Survey Removal Bookmarklet or Extension

This is a Bookmarklet , that is you place this on your Bookmark bar on browser. This Bookmarklet is called XJZ Survey Remover Bookmarklet. Just Install this and when Next Time you bounce on a Survey, just click on the Bookmark link to Remove the Survey.

Follow These Steps as I had Followed and Successfully Removed those Irritating Surveys

  1. Find the XJZ Bookmarklet on their official site .
  2. When you Find the Bookmarklet, Just Bookmark that page by clicking on right hand side of your browser (star icon) and that link will be saved in Bookmark bar of your Browser.
  3. Now when you visit any website which wants you to fill any Survey, just click on the link in the Bookmark bar that you had saved earlier and website will automatically remove the survey and show you the Desired file for which you came to that website for.

  Now , i want to tell you that if it is Compulsory for you to fill that survey to reach upto the Desired file or Content , This Bookmarklet     wont help you . In Case that website was Trying to Fool you by Just trying you to fill the Survey but it doesn’t contain any File that you are   in Search of , This Method wont help you again ( When there is Nothing on that website , what can this Bookmarklet do ? 😛 )

In Case you are not in Mood to follow the Above Steps , Simply Download the XJZ survey Remover Extension from google chrome store to bypass online surveys easily.

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Method 3 – Bypass Online Surveys By Disabling Java Script from Browser

Now this is My Favourite Way of Bypassing Surveys to Download or Unlock Files . Disable Java Script to Bypass Surveys Easily.

You can Disable Java script By following the Steps Below-

Disable Java Script in firefox –

  • Open the Firefox Browser and and in the address bar , type about:config and press Enter.
  • Next, Click on “I’ll be careful, I promise!”


How to Bypass Surveys to download files


  • Type the word “javascript” in the search bar and you will find the Preference named javascript.enabled
  • Right-click on javascript.enabled and select “Toggle.” The status should change to “user set” and the preference should become emboldened.


  • Close the about:config tab

Gadget Teacher would Recommend you to Enable Java script after Bypassing Survey for Smooth User Interface.

How to Disable Java Script in Google Chrome-

  • Go to Settings section of Google Chrome
  • Click on Content Settings as Show Below


how to bypass surveys to download files 2017

  • Click on Do not allow any site to use JavaScript


how to bypass surveys to download files 2017

  • Again After Bypassing survey , Enable Java Script in Google Chrome Browser

Method 4- Bypass Surveys using Extensions of Your Internet Browser

Your Browsers can be your Best friend in the situation when you are facing problems with bypassing surveys . Browsers are now Equipped with Awesome Extensions which can Remove these Irritating Surveys by just clicking a button. To Bypass Surveys to Download Files , just add these Extensions to your Internet Browser and Bypass surveys with a click of the button.

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