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Cowin E-7 Headphone Latest User Guide

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Cowin E-7 headphone Use Guide

Hello, what’s up guys, today we are going to present only Cowin E-7 headphone user guide which is active noise cancellation headphones.


What Is Inside the box?

You will get an excellent little carrying pouch which is quite rare to see in headphones nowadays. But it’s nice to see it included you also get micro USB to USB connector to charge the headphones, and a 3.5-millimeter interconnect which is also useful for using the headphones without any need of power. Because these headphones are Bluetooth enabled and you can use them over wireless.

You will also get pivoting function which means it’s a little bit easier to store away. So, you can’t fold the other cuffs in like in some headphones that you find out Cowin E-7. These headphone is super glossy, and therefore these headphones attract low fingerprints making them look a little bit tatty at least in our opinion. But you know some people might like to look nevertheless that is subjective.



About headband

Regarding the headband itself it just quite well and because of the cups being quite loose. You won’t have any problems wearing it, no matter size of your head. The head panel also extends to a good amount that has an excellent clicky sound to it. So, it allows you to adjust it to the right level on either side and to hold it in at a good. No matter if you’re moving or not.

Now the headphones

You will get a plus or minus button for volume with playing pause button which doubles up as an answer receive a call. So, yes you can answer receive calls as well. Also get an NFC tag on Cowin E-7 headphones. You can quickly pair up your device with the headphones very quickly. On the right-hand cup, you will get the off switch of Bluetooth and noise-canceling switch. You can use it in Bluetooth mode without noise cancellation if you so wish. On the left side Cup, you will get a little indicate to know when you’re charging or when you’re connected up to a Bluetooth device, any micro USB port for charging the device. This is a Trademark Headphone when it comes to Comfort of the Headphones



Cowin E-7 Battery

Now regarding the overall battery life, it’s quarter to have about 30 hours of play now having been able to test it up for 30 hours. More even regarding testing it wisely we wouldn’t give you accurate results, but it will last you over a day to two days of full usage. So, we wouldn’t worry about that. Just make sure, you only charge it every. Regardless you will be notified if you’ve got a low battery or you’ll be able to see on your device at least on Android you can see the battery level of your device.


How Comfort Cowin E-7 Headphone?

Regarding the comfort of the headphones, the pads very soft we very much like them even wearing glasses we had no problems using Cowin E-7, and the top of the headband is also a little bit cushioned which means that it doesn’t dig into the top of your head, unlike some other headphones.

About Bluetooth

Regarding Bluetooth, it does not have aptX as far as we are aware, so there’s no aptX codec which is slightly a shame. But the Bluetooth works flow less, and it works at a very long distance I tried to over 10 meters through walls and didn’t have any issues whatsoever, it does a range no problems.


Let’s talk about the ANC which is probably the most critical part of these headphones. Why would you get these over any other headphones or would you get them? That the ANC feature, in my opinion, was a little bit here miss.

Active noise cancellation

We thought the active noise cancellation worked and it did do an excellent job regarding canceling out most of the cheap noises or commuting sounds like a rebase sounds. But anything to do with the mids and the highs it ultimately left them on touch. Therefore, when we were just listening to music, it would have barely cut out any of the music we could hear through our speakers which were slightly unfortunate with them.

sound quality

It’s quite an accurate sound that the headphones have got. Well, we like about Cowin E-7 spacious sound which got a perfect an excellent instrument separation and great sort of width and depth to the headphones which are very rare to have in other headphones. The overall sound of the headphones as I said the soundstage was very impressive.

Overall, what do we think of the headphones, we think Cowin E-7 are excellent headphones. That’s our opinions of the Cowin E-7 what you think and make sure you leave a comment About article and share. All that good stuff alright guys we will back soon with another guide.

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