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6 Reasons to Immediately Employ SSL Certificates on Your Website

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Marketers and business owners often have that misconception that SSL Certificates are only for security purposes and do not contribute anything to the website enhancement. This is not true. SSL Certificates are a lot more than just security certificates. They have a great impact on the impression that your website has on your visitors or prospective customers.

Everyone is prone to losing their information in this digitalized world. This risk becomes all the more prominent if websites run over insecure connections. Even though it is evident that every individual holds the right to maintain the integrity of information shared online, it does not stop hackers from carrying out their hostile cyber activities. Therefore, it becomes all the more inevitable to protect your user information.

SSL Certificates purchased from a trustworthy certificate provider can help you achieve a superior level of security for your website. It is a cost-effective means to mitigate the threats posed by unauthorized sources. It is no longer used exclusively for eCommerce websites. Every website should consider the installation of SSL Certificates irrespective of the business type and the industry they are in.

Let’s understand why you should employ SSL Certificates right away and make the most of the advantages that they have to offer.

#1 Encryption of Information

This is one of the biggest advantages of SSL Certificate. It allows companies to encrypt information that is shared between the browser and the server. Owing to this encryption, you can maintain the secrecy of the sensitive information of the user and keep it safe from the hackers and perpetrators of cyber-crimes.

For eCommerce website owners, it is crucial to have SSL Certificates as they have to deal with extensive information including financial information of the users and other data that falls in the category of PII, that is Personally Identifiable Information.

You can maintain the privacy of emails and text messages by creating a secure tunnel through which traffic flows across unsecured connections like FTP, or while you connect two networks through VPN. End-to-end encryption of this information makes sure that the data between two points remains protected and prevents a third-party intrusion that leads to decryption. SSL Certificates render this data unreadable by such threatening agents.

#2 Trust Building with Customers

You can build a sense of trust with customers as websites that have SSL Certificates installed show a green padlock with the tag “Secure” in the address bar. It reinforces trust in the minds of the customer and encourages them to buy from you. Websites that do not have a security certificate often have to face a huge loss of ROI as customers are reluctant to make the purchase or do business with them. It allows the verification of the website owner’s identity, thereby mitigating the risk of potential attacks.

#3 Enhancement of SEO

How will your customers know about your business if they cannot find you or do not know that you exist? Here’s where Search Engine Optimization helps you. According to the algorithms set by Google, websites that are equipped with SSL Certificates have an upper hand when it comes to SEO. If means HTTPs will help you to get rank in SERP.

#4 Improved Brand Reputation

Would you go to a place that is haunted or considered unsafe for travel? Obviously not!

Similar is the case in the digital world. Your website visitors would not stay on your website if they feel that their information is at risk. Security certificates like EV SSL can reassure them that their information would remain safe and build a better brand reputation when compared to other non-HTTPS websites. Websites without HTTPs show a warning that “This website is not secure” and it might cost you your customer engagement.

#5 Better Website Conversions

Ecommerce stores often have to face a whopping cart abandonment rate owing to security issues. To make sure that your website is not one of them, make sure that it has a security certificate. Secure websites hold a better chance at conversions as they can beat the customer objection of indecisiveness due to trust issues.

#6 Authentication of users

You can extend these SSL Certificates to the accounts of your customers as well as their devices by offering them with a distinct secure identifier pertaining to every asset. If it is handled as a part of a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) or used for peer-to-peer exchange, it uses a key pair that includes one public key and the respective private key. This can be used for authentication of the user accounts along with their devices. Moreover, when digital signatures are used, key pair helps in verifying the user. The recipient can then decrypt the encrypted message. It is also possible to determine the tampering of the message.

Wrapping Up

Are you not very sure of how SSL Certificates can prove to be advantageous for your company and indecisive about which certificate level should you opt for? You can contact us and get all the detailed information about the best certificate that suits your business needs. You can then install it on your website and rest assured about the security of your information as well as your customer’s sensitive data. So, whether you are from IT industry or an e-retailer, SSL Certificates would surely be of great help to you… if not instantly, surely in the long run.

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