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5 Cool Gadgets for New Parents

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Most people consider parenthood to be the most life-altering thing to happen to us as human beings. As parents we often think of babies as our adorable little doppelgangers that completely take over our lives with their selective eating, screaming and nappy diapers.


But let’s face it, babies can be difficult to handle no matter how much we love them. So it’s no surprise that life as a first-time parent is overwhelming.


Thankfully, there are cool gadgets out there to ease the burden on you: saving your time and finally providing much-needed peace of mind. We have compiled a list of cool gadgets for new parents, endorsed by top baby care experts, experienced parents and of course, babies.


  1. Baby Monitor


When babies are left unchecked, they have a tendency to crawl and get into tight spaces, putting them in harm’s way. Thankfully, we have baby monitors to track their activities when we are physically unavailable.


You can see a great portion of your child’s room by placing one at the room’s vantage point. If your little one is able to access every part of your home, then linking more cameras to one control station will do the trick.


Most baby monitors are rechargeable through USB cables and could last up to 5 hours in video mode and even more in just audio.


2. Breast Milk Pump

Another cool gadget for new mothers is the breast milk pump. As an adult woman, it is impossible to breastfeed your baby everywhere and everytime.


The pump allows you to make extra bottles of your breast milk for those times when you are unable to breastfeed. You can also get a self-warming bottle to keep milk warm at times when microwaving is not an option.





Having a humidifier in your baby’s room adds some moisture to the air to prevent dry air from irritating your baby’s sensitive nose and skin.


Some humidifiers come with built-in night lights and also serve as a white noise machine. But the downside is that you’ll pay a greater price for these types.


4.Bottle Sanitizer/Sterilizer


Instead of washing your baby bottles in a sink or dishwasher, a bottle sterilizer lets you clean them in a microwave using steam.

The major benefit of the bottle sterilizer is that it saves you more time, and it destroys all of the germs and bacteria that could make your little one fall ill.


5. Music player for toddlers


At bedtime, your baby may need a soothing sound to fall asleep. At other times of the day, you may have to provide entertainment to distract them while you are busy.


You cannot always be there to rock and sing them to sleep, but a sound machine for babies will come in handy.


Sound machines are usually drop-resistant MP3 players with pre-recorded songs and white noise. However you can get the familiar type where you can add your own songs and bedtime stories freely such as Alilo A2 Buddy Bunny MP3 player.


If your favorite child-centered content is a video on the Web, you can download and convert the video to mp3 using a free mp4 to mp3 converter developed by Freemake. It’s very easy to use and most importantly, it’s free.


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