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How to Access Password Protected Public WiFi Hotspots absolutely Free using InstaBridge app

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Use Password Protected Wifi HotSpots using Instabridge app Absolutely Free


Everybody in this Era needs Internet. If you ask Youngsters or even Elder People to chose one of the two , Free Mcburger or Free Internet Data , 75% of them would chose Free Internet Data . Such is the Necessity and this is how people are dependent on Internet and World Wide Web nowadays . But in Reality Internet Data is Costly , especially 4G or 5G ( USA and European countries ) . So what to do ? 😉

Dont worry coz Gadget Teacher Brings to you another Super Trick and you dont need to be a Robin Hood Hacker to Perform that Trick .

You Must have been to Cafes and Mcdonalds or any other place where there are Public WiFi Hotspots but they are Password Protected and you must have said to yourself ” How Fantastic it would have been if i knew This wifi’s Password ” . So Today we will Teach you How to Access those password Protected Wifi’s using InstaBridge app .


InstaBridge app



Step 1 :

Install InstaBridge on your device from here. InstaBridge is available for smartphone devices as well as for Mac and Windows computers.

Step 2:

Now you need to Set up your preferences and add your Mobile number. When someone installs the app for the first time , you will need to complete the whole installation process by first setting up your desired preferences and then adding your mobile number. You can skip adding mobile number if you dont want to , as it is a completely Optional . It is needed in case you need to share Wifi Details with your Friends after you get the Password of the Wifi you are Trying to Crack .


Step 3:

To complete the installation process, now you need to enter your WiFi credentials (in case if you have one). Don’t worry, your WiFi connection will only be shared with your friends only , and you can also edit it manually .


access wifi password using instabridge


Step 4 :

Now you are done with the Installation process , so now chose and discover nearby Wifi Connections using the main screen of the InstaBridge app . If you see Pink dots , that means Wifi Connection is open and easily accessible . Grey Dots indicate that the connection is Restricted and you will need to pay to access it . If you wish to pay , you can access that Wifi . But Pink dot Wifi’s are Sufficient for your use , so enjoy Free Internet 🙂


Access wifi password using instabridge


Get Some Help on using InstaBridge App from the Video Below



This app is Readily Available at Apple Store or Play Store . But we Highly recommend you to use a Good VPN or Tor Browser to Keep your Anonymity and be safe Online.


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