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What Everyone Ought To Know About Kids GPS Watch

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What Everyone Ought To Know About Kids GPS Watch

A few years back, parents allowed their kids to roam their neighborhoods at ease, without any supervision. Parents set up a curfew that children were expected to adhere to without fail.

In recent times things have changed and parents have felt the need to monitor their children’s whereabouts. This they have done by strapping a watch with a tracking support on their children’s wrists, which allows them to be aware of their current location and habits as and when it happens.

Based on the need to track their children’s whereabouts, there has been a huge demand for GPS watches for kids. This has resulted in a variety of kids smart watched being manufactured and flooding the market to meet the demand.

This invention has continued to see the light of day due to the unforgiving nature of the world. There is not a single day that passes without us hearing an occurrence that entails abducted children, or missing children or their involvement in some kind of tragedy. Therefore, parents can never be too safe with their child or children. You, therefore, need a GPS watch to keep track of your children’s movements.



What everyone ought to know about kids GPS watch

  1. There are actually “no tamper-proof” kids GPS watch models. Most of them are made of a silicone strap that can be taken off with ease. However, some of these devices have a tamper alert which puts you in the know when your kid or somebody else, tries to take it off. Unfortunately, there is nothing that prevents them from taking it off.


  1. Take note of GPS restrictions. If your kids GPS watch is SIM card compatible and has a paid active subscription, the advantage is that it can be tracked no matter where it may be, be it locally or internationally. However, be informed that if your kids GPS watch is not compatible with mobile networks, its range will be adversely limited.


  1. Before settling for kids GPS watch, it is paramount that you identify the features you prefer. Or rather, settle for one that offers features that resonate the most with you and the rest of your family. This is so because, some devices more often than not, sacrifice features in a bid to make room for others. For instance, if you intend to track your child’s location irrespective of where they might be, oblivious of range limits, you will undoubtedly have to cough up some dimes for a wireless connection subscription. This might mean that your budget will be a little more on the higher side than you expected.
  2. A water-resistant rating more often than not does not imply that the kids GPS watch is waterproof. In most cases, it is advisable that you do not immerse water-resistant devices or go for swimming in them or even take baths wearing them. It impairs their functionality over time.


  1. Take note that Android and iOS smartphones are the ones most commonly supported when it comes to companion applications. Therefore, if you happen to have another kind of phone or even an outdated version, it is wise to opt for an upgrade so as to be able to pair your phone with your child’s GPS watch.


Frequently asked questions on Kids GPS Watch

Q: What is the kids GPS watch battery life?

A:Since the watch keeps receiving GPS signals continuously, it does drain the battery. The watches, therefore, can last up to 6 hours. It is recommended that you charge the watch every night if you intend to have it used on a daily basis.

Q: Why do I need a Micro SD Sim Card?

A:Kids GPS watches usually have in-built GPS receivers and are designed to operate wholly on a GSM network. Thus, it will not function fully without a SIM card. You will, therefore, be required to specifically get a Micro SIM card. The watches accept any network. All you will be required to do is RICA the SIM card and load airtime on it, for the watch to function. Ensure that your SIM card’s caller ID is enabled.

Q: Why is the caller ID service necessary?

A:If there is no caller ID service for the SIM card in the watch, then all unknown numbers can call in without restriction. This ends up weakening the kids GPS watch security guard.



From the above foregoing, we can make out that kids GPS watches are a daily necessity. Therefore, when choosing a GPS watch for your child, ensure that you do not settle for a bulky watch. It also ought to be colorful and remarkable.

Note that this watch also allows children to send their exact location to their parents via SMS with just a push of the button. The parents in return can receive their children’s location through SMS or internet. Every parent has a responsibility of looking after their children. Therefore, it is paramount that you consider buying them a GPS watch.

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