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5 Things to Know Before Hiring IT Services Providers

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Finding the ideal IT consulting company can seem like a tedious task, given the rising number of these companies. It is hard to separate an imposter from the real deal, as nowadays all one does is create a website with some videos before branding themselves an expert in the field.

As a result, it becomes hard for businesses to find the right IT consulting company with the needed experience to help their company increase its productivity. For this reason, most businesses often work with referrals.

However, you can still search for an IT consulting company from scratch. You just need to be informed about what to look for in them before hiring. This way you save loads of time as well as money with minimal effort.

A good example of a reputable IT consulting firm is Longhurst Consulting IT services. It has serviced loads of businesses in Red Deer, Edmonton, and Calgary, as well as Alberta and throughout Canada.

Therefore, whether you want to hire an IT consulting company through referrals or find them from scratch, here are some things you should know about them before hiring.

1.     Location

Information technology is a rapidly growing and changing field, which at times needs onsite servicing. Therefore, you should take note of the IT consulting company’s location before hiring them.

If you end up choosing one that is not close to your business, then you can ask them if they always send onsite assistance when required. If not then there is no need to hire them, since you will be paying for a half-baked cake.

2.     Experience

In terms of IT service experience, you need one that has completed projects and obstacles related to your business. This way you hire someone that is familiar with your kind of IT needs as well as problems that may arise from it.

You can also check client testimonials in the company website, as long as the clients are within your field of business. This gives you a better chance of knowing their problem-solving skills and IT servicing.

3.     Communication

Effective communication is key to the success of every business, as it makes goals achievable. Therefore, before you hire an IT consulting firm, you should check their level of communication skills. This enables you to know if they know what they are talking about.

They should be good listeners too, this way they get to recognize your business in terms of its goals, and challenges before identifying ways to solve them seamlessly through IT.

An IT service provider that effectively communicates the ways it will solve your IT woes, for better productivity, at the selling point proves that they are skilled communicators that can deliver what they promise.

Therefore, you should always pay attention and gauge their communication skills during vetting, as it is the only way you will get to hire a reputable, ethical and unbiased IT service provider. You can actually learn a lot from them just by their communication, as settling for less is not an option in the IT service provision world.

4.     Maintenance

Maintenance is always necessary where IT is involved. Therefore, you should check the level of IT support system the company has in store for you after the initial servicing is done. You should also know how long the IT after-service maintenance is availed for your business.

IT maintenance is often the last step of the service, but an experienced IT service provider should plan for it before starting the project. On the same note, you should be well aware of it from the start, even before you hire.

It is important to go with a company that offers a maintenance package. This is because problems often occur even after the project is done, so it is better if the same company that installed it fixes it.

5.     Pricing

The cost structure is very important when searching for an IT company to hire. As much as pricing may vary from one company to the other, it should still be reasonable with regard to what you want and what they are offering.

It does not matter the kind of experience they have or their size. Pricing should make financial sense. On the other hand, you should state your expectations and budget before anything else. This way the company you choose to go with can deliver your results in a timely manner with your budget in mind.


In conclusion, you can now take the guesswork out of the equation when it comes to hiring a reputable IT consulting company, by making use of some of the above tips.

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