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How to Become a Human Hidden Camera Detector

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Imagine getting an Airbnb apartment to spend quality time with your loved one or family only for a hidden camera to capture all your movements and activities. How about discovering spy cameras in your honeymoon suite? You’d be surprised by how some people out there are so crazy that they have cameras in bathrooms and bedrooms.

People install hidden cameras for security purposes in their places of work and houses. People install nanny cams so that they are sure about the safety of their kids under the caregiver. However, some malicious people use the information captured to pry and violate other peoples’ right to privacy.

Cases of leaked footage in the celebrity world, for instance, has increased due to the increased prevalence of hidden cameras in hotel rooms. Whether in a hotel room, building, or your own household, learn how to become a human hidden camera detector in the event you’re being taped without knowledge.

Look out for Wires That Seem to Go Nowhere

Not everyone who installs a hidden camera is a professional. Inexperienced installers will be in a hurry to get the cameras installed so they are likely to be careless and leave wires hanging. Though some cameras are wireless and difficult to trace, there are hidden wired cameras so look carefully to identify wires that seem to be going to weird places.

Better still, the wires may get detached when held with the wrong apparatus. Be keen to look for unexplained wires on hair driers, TVs or coffee pots. They could lead you to the location of a hidden camera.

Be on the Lookout for Lights

Cameras designed to be stealthy don’t have any obvious signs like lights, but those not designed to be hidden often do. If the person who placed the camera was not careful enough, lights will be an obvious giveaway.

Cameras have a lens that reflects light when on or off. Try turning out the lights, and use a flashlight to scan the room. Look out for lens reflections, blinking red or green LED lights to detect spy cams.

Tiny Holes in Walls

Pit holes are used by cameras to see into rooms. Some hidden cameras use innocuous objects with small holes as hidden places for cameras. Common hiding areas for cameras include smoke detectors, night lights, and electrical outlets.

Bookshelves, video games or DVD cases, computers and webcams may be used to spy on you in your own home. Look out for tiny holes in walls or wall hanging and the ceiling as they may unearth hidden cameras.

Objects out of the Ordinary

In familiar places, new objects such as teddy bears or wall hangings disguised as gifts are strong indicators of hidden cameras. Since cameras tend to be small, they may not require big objects to disguise them. Look for anything new, duplicate items like wall clocks, and an unfamiliar positioning of items.

Listen to Click or Buzz Sounds

Detecting hidden security cameras requires being super attentive. Listen for a click or a buzz which is common in most motion-detecting cameras. This tip will be useful when you are suspicious of your home or room and you can turn off the radio or TV and carefully listen for any strange sounds.

Use Smartphones to Help Detect Hidden Cameras

Everything is possible with apps. Apps like Hidden Camera detector for Apple automatically points out suspected cameras on the screen of your phone. The app displays a red glow when the smartphone is placed in the proximity of a camera.

Glint finder is suitable for Android devices. It discovers hidden cameras by rapidly flashing the light on your phone to check for reflections of cameras. Apps are convenient, affordable and accessible and offer a better chance to unearth hidden security cameras.

Smartphone hardware can also detect spy cams through the use of electromagnetic fields. After installing an app, you simply move your phone around the area you suspect to have the camera hidden. If a strong field is detected, you will discover the secret camera within the wall or object.

Purchase a Professional Hidden Camera Detector

Invest in a good quality hidden camera detector which is efficient and easy to use. Though pricey, with most costly around $100 USD, these detectors help to discover even hidden wireless cameras.

Detectors use lasers or multiple flashing LED lights to light up camera lenses. With the light facing away from you, you activate detectors and hold them up to your eye then sweep of your room to detect hidden spy cameras. Detectors beep when they find a signal, indicating a potential camera.

Scan Environment to Detect Hidden Cameras

Most cameras transmit the information back to the surveyor instantly. This means that the cameras must be constantly powered. Check out every outlet and sockets to identify everything plugged in and make sure to unplug anything unusual.

Room mirrors are also used to hide cameras. This post about cameras gives great tips for discovering hidden cams on mirrors is to put your fingertip on the mirror.

A gap between your finger and the image proves it’s a real mirror. If your finger and the image touch tip to tip, check for a hidden spy camera in the mirror.

What to Do When You Detect a Spy Camera

As a hidden camera detector, you are likely to get enraged when you locate hidden cameras meant to spy on you. However, it is important to keep cool and to not smash the camera once you locate it. This will only alert your observer.

Take your items out of range from the camera’s view, take photos to use as evidence, and report the case. It is advisable to call the authorities so they can remove and investigate the person who placed them.

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