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How to change the standard Facebook wallpaper to the original?

Facebook themes with live wallpapers

What words can describe the default theme of Facebook? Inexpressive, official, without imagination. If you agree with this description and want to change the design of the social network, pay attention to the “Themes for Facebook” extension! With it, you will get rid of the default design in favour of style and creativity.
Open extension page in the Google Chrome Store by the link  and install it. This is done literally in two clicks: first by clicking the “Add to Chrome” button, and then confirmation.
At the end of the process, look in the upper right corner of your browser. A new icon should appear there. It looks like a circle made up of many colors and the letter t. Tap on it to open a menu that will allow you to visit the catalog with Facebook themes, and then apply them to social networks. Click on the “Navigate” button.

Themes directory

On the website, you can not only add the designs you like, but also examine their appearance in advance. To do this, place the mouse pointer on any of the topics and use the “View” button. A preview will open, thanks to which you can understand whether this design is suitable for you or not. If yes, use the second button called “Add”. She will add wallpaper to the extension.
The main page contains absolutely all themes, without any distribution. But, if you want to simplify your choice, try switching to the “Collection” section.

Facebook Themes collections

Here the themes are systematized and divided into groups. It is enough to glance at the categories to find the right one. Going to it, select, add a theme with the “Add” button.
It’s time to return to the extension and its main function – design modification. But first log in to the social network to immediately see all the changes. Open the extension menu, move your mouse over the added Facebook themes and tap on the “Apply” button. The design of the social network will be immediately changed.

Sooner or later, even the most beautiful design bothers. And the time comes to replace it with something more fresh, but no less beautiful. To remove a boring topic, place the mouse pointer on it. As soon as the “Delete” button appears, click. In a manner similar to simplicity of action, you can disable the extension by returning the default design of the social network. Just click on the “ON / OFF” slider.
Changing custom Facebook wallpapers is also not difficult. Add alternative themes from the directory and apply them as you did before.
Now you understand that replacing or removing copyright options for designing a social network is simple and does not require much time.

What are the secrets of the themes catalog? There is nothing secret there, but there are plenty of quality themes. Over 40 categories with original design options for FB.
Fans of the stone jungle will appreciate the color of Facebook, made in the form of cities. New York, Paris, Madrid and many other cities are known for their skyscrapers and neon signs that illuminate the night streets better than the moon itself. And on the contrary, someone will like wallpapers with natural objects or representatives of the fauna. So we would advise you to pay attention to the categories of “Nature”, “Birds” and “Animals”.
If you are fond of sports, in particular basketball or football, be sure to visit the Sports group. There you will find many themes related to sports. Famous basketball players, paraphernalia for golf, soccer balls, etc. Weapons connoisseurs will also not be left empty-handed. They can use Facebook themes from the Weapon category, which stores popular types of firearms and cold steel.

Themes for a Facebook extension is free. The same applies to all wallpapers displayed in the collection of the website catalogue. Like the design change tool itself, these themes are free and available to everyone.
If you have a desire to change the default Facebook wallpaper to the original, know that only you can see the design change. This is due to the fact that the extension works with the browser code, without affecting the server side of the social network.

Therefore, for all other people visiting your page via the Internet, there will be no changes. But you and those who are close to you can enjoy custom backgrounds and colours.

If you want to leave feedback on the extension or offer any idea to the developers, use the feedback on the project’s website. Or you can post your review on the Google Chrome Web Store along with other users. We hope that your impressions of using Themes for Facebook will be extremely positive.

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