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Load Testing, or why your Website is running slow?

What is the maximum number of visitors your website is designed for so that it «doesn’t slow down»? This is a very important question at the development stage, after which you can avoid problems in the process of its work.


The site is very slow, do something!”


Almost every web studio is faced with tasks to optimize site performance. As a rule, this happens when the client contacts the developers with a request like: «The site is very slow, do something!»


Unfortunately, the search for a «bottleneck» in the performance of the website, when work on its development has long been handed over and paid to some contractor or freelancer. If no one has information about what kind of load the website can withstand, you can easily throw money down the drain by ordering contextual advertising or placement on some major portal and as a result receive traffic that the system can’t withstand.


The best thing that you can do in this case is to stop advertising, but this is not always possible (when, for example, you have paid the full amount in advance for placing a banner on another website).


Therefore, when it comes to website performance, it’s appropriate to remember the saying: «Prepare the sled in the summer, and the cart in the winter». This means that you need to get an idea in advance of how many visitors a website can handle.


To do this, you should order load testing of the website from professionals or use special programs. Contacting a testing company will help you to reduce project time and get quick results. Quality assurance testing companies have a considerable workforce, all the necessary resources for professional testing, and most importantly, when testing, they take into account all the factors affecting the speed of the site.

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