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Load these applications right now: the list of useful apps

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An incredible possibility to figure out something new and solve problems 

We do not understand the reason but most people do not even realize the whole assortment of useful services and mobile apps, which they can find on the Internet.

They usually think that there is no need to pay attention to app markets because they do not need mobile games. But if you think that your App Store is full of flash games, you should think a little bit more because it is not true.

There are hundreds of different programs, which can increase your productivity, stimulate the studying process and help in other spheres. So, we have already figured out that people do not understand this simple fact, that’s why our team of writers created this article.

We really want to tell you more about useful mobile applications, which you can use on a daily basis. So, if you think that this topic is interesting for you, continue reading without any hesitation.



 Which mobile services should you load and use right now? 

If you really want to use your mobile phone to increase your productivity, you should load these mobile applications. We think that they will be useful not only for students and young people but also for other users from all over the world.

  • Focus Lock

People usually are real procrastinators. They do not want to do anything at all. And they are very lazy. What can you do to solve this problem? In most cases, people forget about the most important tasks such as studying, their work and so on because of distractive factors such as social media, games and so on. Fortunately, the team of professional developers created a special application, which can lock other mobile apps. For example, if you understand that you cannot stop using Instagram, you just open Focus Lock, turn on this app and that’s all. Feel free to solve your own tasks because there are no chances to use Instagram in the near future. However, we should probably mention that this app is available only on Android, that’s why iOS users cannot get this precious service.

  • Google fit

It is not a secret that there is a new trend – people keen on healthy food and healthy life style in general. They do everything possible to prolong their lives and stay fit, that’s why developers created the service, which helps you to track any physical activity. You can open this app and figure out the whole statistics of your day activity. It is really useful for people who want to lose extra weight because it shows the number of calories, which you have already lost too.

  • 1password

We are really tired of different registration processes. It takes so much time and I cannot remember all these logins and passwords. It is too difficult. If you agree with our point of view, you should load a special app – 1Password. It will solve your problem forever. In fact, it is something like a password cloud, which you can use to keep all password under protection. Forget about any problems with passwords. Just load this app and that’s all.

  • Educational services

There are also a lot of educational services. Students use them to avoid problems in college and figure out something new. For example, you can use TED or Coursera or Free Udemy Courses to discover new ideas and approaches to this life.

Many students keen on Coursera because it is a possibility to visit courses of the most influential universities for free. In addition, do not forget the fact that the Internet is the best place to buy essays and other writing assignments. Just choose a reliable company, buy their services and wait for the result. All their writers are professionals with science degrees, that’s why you should forget about quality problems.

  • Photomath

The last application will extremely interesting for pupils and students. If you have any problems with math, you should load this app as soon as possible. This instant camera calculator is too cool to ignore it. In addition, they provide step-by-step instructions in order to make your life easier. It is compatible with different gadgets, that’s why you can load it right now.


Of course, there are thousands of useful applications on the Internet. Just unlock your mobile phone and find all of them on App Store and Google Play.

Remember! You should not waste your time on ordinary social media such as Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat, which steal your free time. Set priorities and use a mobile phone to optimize your schedule and increase productivity.

One useful app that can be used for entertainment to kill some time you can use ownage prank’s Prankster App, to prank dial unsuspecting family or friends.

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