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Metzeler CruiseTec Tires Promise More Performance for Cruiser Riders

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Cruising the open road gives you a chance to relax, but it’s also a great time to show off your
riding skills. Taking a cross-country trip isn’t always about endless horizons and discount motorcycle tires. If your favourite places to ride take you through mountains and forests, your
bike needs to handle winding terrain and sudden curves like a pro. That’s where Metzeler
CruiseTec tires come in.

Metzeler CruiseTec Review

Metzeler CruiseTec tires are a hybrid between touring tires and sport types. They balance the
stability and wear of cruising tires with the responsiveness and traction of sport tires.
If your motorcycle takes you just about everywhere, you’ll love the flexibility of CruiseTecs.
Similar to the way dual-sport tires marry off-road and street use, CruiseTecs are the perfect
blend of excitement and dependability. They take business and pleasure to the next level.

Areas Where CruiseTec Tires Excel

These tires are all about top performance on the road. As usual, Metzeler has created a tire
that delivers big time on its promises:

1. Amazing Handling

From the materials used in construction to the contours of front and back tires, the CruiseTec
is built around great handling. Instead of the traditional low-curvature shape of many cruising
and touring tires, CruiseTecs use a high-curvature design.

This gives you incredible side-to-side precision, whether you’re passing cars on the highway or taking curves at high speed. At the same time, a thicker rubber build dampens accumulated energy and lets you exit turns
smoothly. If you love feeling in control of every move your bike makes, this is the tire for you.

2. Outstanding Road Adherence

Two things make the Metzeler CruiseTec series the best motorcycle cruiser tires for road
adherence: dual-compound construction and special V-twin crossover tread patterns. Its front
tires are made completely from softer rubber that warms up quickly on the road.

The wider back tires have a mixture of harder rubber down the center and softer edges. This gives
CruiseTecs excellent wear for highway riding and guarantees they stick firmly to the blacktop
at any speed. Curved treads adhere exceptionally well to road surfaces no matter what the
weather is like.

3. Improved Durability

By relying on thicker, heavier rubber layers, these sport/cruising hybrids approach the
durability of dedicated cruising tires but with much better acceleration and handling. The
curved tread patterns keep tires wearing evenly so performance stays strong.

4. Outstanding Stability and Comfort

Marrying sport and cruising tires means a wider profile for straight-line riding compared to full
sport tires. This makes life much easier if you like to ride with a passenger on your bike. You
stay in complete control during hard braking, and your motorcycle feels smooth during side-to-
side motion even with the extra weight.

5. Sleek Style

A final reason many riders find these Metzelers hard to resist is the sleek look they give
cruisers. Whether you’re tearing off the line on a Ducati or roaring around corners on your
Harley, jet-black tires with sporty contours really bring your bike to life.
Upgrade Your Cruiser With High-Tech Tires
No matter what your reasons for upgrading OEM tires with these Metzeler bad boys that
outperform in every area, you won’t be disappointed. It’s impossible not to fall in love with a
tire that gives you amazing traction and handling everywhere you travel.

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