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Prepare Your Hunting Rifle (And Yourself) This Winter

When people think of winter, many things come to mind, like snow, shoveling, and skyrocketing heating bills, while like-minded people like us think of one thing: Hunting season.

Whether you’ve been hunting for years or are looking to try something new, going on a hunt at this time of the year can be particularly difficult, especially if you’re under-prepared.

That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re ready, not only with a functioning hunting rifle, but with enough supplies to keep yourself safe.


Preparing the Rifle  

First things first: Let’s discuss your hunting rifle and what you have to do to prepare it for the winter.


You should start with the basics and go over every aspect of your rifle, from the ammo to the stock to the scope. Even if it was perfectly functional the last time you used it, you should never assume that it’ll be usable now.


This is especially true as winter hunts come with their own factors that aren’t present during other hunting seasons. From the impact of the weather itself to the type of game you’re hunting, all of these things can affect how well your gun works if you aren’t.


Cold Temperatures  


Old lubricants can freeze up, making the rifle unusable. You should use a synthetic lubricant that’s designed to survive the winter.


The rifle can also be damaged by heavy condensation if you bring it into a warm environment too quickly, so it’s best to keep it in a padded case to let it acclimate to the temperature change more naturally.


Cold weather can also affect your ability to shoot long distances, as well as your ability to shoot accurately. Changes in air density can make your bullet move off-course, while the dropping temperatures can change your zero. You should test out and zero the rifle in advance, in the temperature you’re planning to hunt in, to account for these problems.


Winter Weather   


Snow, ice, and water can all impact your rifle’s functionality, and it’s important to take the necessary precautions as a result.


Getting debris on your gun, whether in the barrel or blocking the scope, can be dangerous. Not only might it affect your ability to properly see or shoot, but snow can also melt, threatening to make your rifle rusty. You should prepare for all of these things with extra supplies.


Electrical tape around the barrel of the gun can keep the snow out without making it harder to shoot. This is an easy fix, especially as electrical tape doesn’t leave the same sticky residue behind as duct tape would.


Make sure to bring a dry cloth to get rid of any snow that sticks to your gun. Using your breath will just melt the snow and turn it into ice and condensation, which is even worse for the life of your rifle.


Preparing Yourself  

Your rifle isn’t the only one dealing with cold weather and snow on this hunt. It’s important to make sure that you have everything you need. This includes the right clothes, the right transportation, and the right gear.



Dress warm and ensure your gear is waterproof or can withstand winter weather conditions. This means wearing layers, hats or hoods, insulated pants, and breathable gloves.


Don’t wear anything made of cotton, which will only absorb water and sweat, and force you to spend energy heating that water back up to avoid freezing. Instead, wear synthetic or wool clothing, which keeps you warm and doesn’t trap or absorb moisture.



Getting through the snow and ice can be difficult. You don’t want to travel to your hunting grounds on foot. By the time you get there, the day will be over! Instead, find a reliable means of transportation.

This can be a truck, a snowmobile, snowshoes, or even a team of sled dogs. Just make sure your chosen transport is functional for the cold weather or well-trained.



For a winter hunt, you’ll need more than just your rifle. Here are a few essentials you should consider packing:


  • Extra clothes
  • A hunting knife
  • Binoculars
  • Walkie-talkies
  • Extra water and food

Enjoy Your Winter Hunt  

Now that you know how to best equip your rifle (and yourself) for a winter hunt, it’s time to head out and score some game that your family can be proud of – all by doing it warmly, safely, and efficiently.

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