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4 Action Steps to Take After You Publish a Blog Post

What to do after posting a blog post
Written by Gadget Teacher

Now that you have published your blog post, what next?

Do you sit back and start working on your next blog post?

The biggest mistake that most bloggers make is to publish a blog post, and wait for traffic to stream while doing absolutely nothing.

Content marketing is not always about developing engaging content and publishing them. It is more than that. To get the best end-results, you need a few action steps that will transform your blog into a hotbed of activity as outlined below.

Monitor your keyword ranking

Monitoring your keyword ranking is one of the best action plans to take once you publish your blog post.

Regardless of the types of keywords you use, they might not be effective instantly, but it is wise to monitor them using the best local rank tracker routinely. Using this tool, you will post the link to your blog post and your keywords, and check how it is performing after every week or two. If you notice that your post has not ranked high in various search engine, know that you used a very complicated keyword that was difficult to rank. In such a case, go back to the post and edit it with a more straightforward keyword, and it will rank in a few weeks.

Email your list

This is indeed the most important thing you need to do the moment you publish your blog. The contacts you have on your mailing list have interest in what you provide; hence they should be the first people you should consider when marketing your content.

Remember not to send them boring emails. According to research, people tend to ignore or scan through a long message. Therefore, when designing your email, make sure it is not complicated. Your goal is to drive traffic to your site. Just create a simple email that has a couple of active links that will direct users to your blog post.

To get the most out of emailing your list;

  • In the salutation, make sure that you mention the name of the user. This is the first step towards ensuring the user does not divert attention from the message. For example, instead of saying ‘Hello subscriber,’ it will pay more if you say ‘Hello John.’
  • Use the first sentence to capture the attention of your audience. It needs to have an explanation of why you are sending the email and should have an anchor link text that directs the user to your blog post.
  • The second sentence should be the title of the blog post and should not be followed by any other phrase.
  • You may include a few paragraphs that explain what the blog is all about, and how the readers will benefit if they visit it.
  • At the end of the email, include an anchor text such as ‘click here for more.’

Follow up and answer all comments in your blog posts

Even if you have received hundreds of comments in your blog posts, make a point of following them up and answering all of them.

When an author doesn’t engage readers, the latter perceives that communication in the blog is one way, and it is likely that they will read it next time.

Getting comments on your blog doesn’t come easy. Some of the best bloggers say that they stayed for years without a single comment; hence you need to respond to the ones you get now, and they will increase in no time.

If the audience sees that there is someone to engage with, activity will increase on your blog, and this will lead to maximum success.


Be active in different forums and Facebook groups

If you are not an active member of a particular forum or Facebook group, know that you risk being permanently banned once you start posting links to your blogs.

Before you even post your blog post, make sure you are an active member who contributes useful information in different forums.

When you finally publish your blog posts, share the links when necessary. You will not risk being banned because the admins of the groups and forums cannot afford to lose a valuable member.

If you follow the above action steps after publishing your blog post, your blog will experience more traffic, which means you are on the right track in realizing your online dreams.




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