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How to use Netflix on your Mac Computer?

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We all have spent a lot of time on Netflix during the pandemic. It has saved us from our blues while stuck at home during the lockdown. Also, Netflix is a great way to relax after work – your favorite show can take you to another world after you have tolerated your boss the whole day!

Watching Netflix with bae or friends at home is also great. From girls’ night overs to romantic dates, Netflix has now become a part of our lives. They are the perfect plan for lazy, lonely afternoons and after break-up binge on romantic movies.

If you have recently purchased the MacBook, we are sure that you are a little confused about using Netflix on your Mac computer. In this blog, we will talk about how to use Netflix on your Mac seamlessly and legally.


Can you download Netflix on your MacBook?


We often get this question, and the answer to this is no.

But if you give us a little time, we will show you that the answer is yes with a little bit of effort. There is no Netflix application for MacBooks. However, there are applications present for iOS devices and Windows. In this regard, you might be happy to know that Netflix is available on MacBooks using Mozilla Firefox, Safari browser, and Google Chrome, etc.


How can you use Netflix on your Mac?


The operation system of the MacBook differs from that of Windows, and this is the reason why some people are not very sure about how everything works on MacBooks. But fret not because we are here to help you out with every step.

With Apple devices in our hands and Netflix being the most extensive subscription service globally, it could be surprising for many people that there is no specific application for Macbook for watching Netflix on MacBook. If you want to have a cinematic experience and make your Friday nights enjoyable, then keep reading this blog.

You can even watch Netflix while staying offline. Click on to know more about the same.

However, in this regard, you have to be very aware because plenty of fraudulent messages might come up on the Internet about downloading the Netflix app for MacBook. They are a scam.

Don’t open such software or download them on your system as it might harm the computer. You can instead use the following methods to watch downloaded Netflix content on your MacBook. For that, you need an active Netflix subscription, a movie/show with a download option, a stable WiFi connection, and a device that supports Netflix.
After that, you can stream with the help of Airplay to get Netflix on MacBook. You can use Airplay via WiFi. You can use NetSpot, Mac’s WiFi analyzer, for understanding the stability of the net connection, which is very important for Airplay to work.

Open the NetSpot application, understand where the most potent WiFi in your house is and move your iOS device over there. After that, download the Netflix app on the iOS device and open Airplay on your iOS. Next, tap on screen mirroring and select MacBook from the list of devices shown on the screen. Now you can open the Netflix application and choose the downloaded content that you want to play.

To download movies on Netflix, you can even take the help of Microsoft Windows. By leveraging Microsoft Windows, you can enjoy Netflix without having to connect to the Internet. However, make sure you get the Windows system from a popular Windows reseller. To do the same, click on the Start menu and select Store. Type Netflix in the search box and then press enter. Select install, and you are done.

So these are a few ways in which you can enjoy Netflix on your MacBook. We all know that Netflix is a great time pass because of its rich content. It won’t let you get bored! You have access to regional cinema as well. If you have bought a MacBook, you can enjoy Netflix at any time of the day by following the ways mentioned above. Be it a romantic movie or a thriller series, and you are all set to enjoy Netflix with these steps.

To know the latest MacBook features and what plans Apple has, you can read this informative article by Forbes. If you are a Mac lover, you would surely enjoy it!

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