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How to use Garageband on any Windows PC – Latest Methods

Install Garageband on Pc
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Garageband is an App in IOS and also Mac OS which is used to create Music and Podcasts . You can also Learn Music using Garageband by Playing with the tunes and Mixing two Tunes and all that kind of DJ Stuff. It also Gives a Feature of Recording Audio and then Playing it as you want by Mixing it with other Tunes or Simply Auto Tuning. Garageband is an App Made for Apple products such as Iphone , Ipad or Macbook but in This Article , i will guide you Through the Process of How to Get Garageband on your Windows PC. I will tell you about two Awesome Methods that helped me Install, Get and use Garageband on my Windows 10 .


Methods to Use Garageband on Any Windows PC

Method 1 – Using Garageband on Windows as Virtual Machine

This Method is not Easy but i Ensure you that if you Follow this Guide , You would be able to Download Garageband on Windows PC and it will work 100% Fine. Firstly we need to Setup virtual Machine of Mac OS X . For this purpose we need  VMWare or Virtualbox

 First,  Download Pre installed MAC OS X 10.9 Vmware 

1.After Downloading the Virtual Machine OS , This kind of Screen will be Displayed on your Windows PC.


Use Garageband on Windows


2.Now open the Apple Store and Download Garageband app . You Would Need to Pay Before Downloading the App with your Virtual Apple ID. I would Recommend you to Use VMware Workstation Virtual Machine due to better Sound and Display Quality . But Yeah it is better to check the Sound of VMWare using a Headphone or Speaker and then Move Further.

So , if you want to use Garageband on your Windows PC , this is a real way of using it without any problem and you will get experienced on using Garageband app.


How to use Garageband on windows Pc


Method 2 of Using Garageband on Windows PC

This is a Copy of the Apple’s Garageband app made only for Windows Users . This is Called Garageband 6.0.5 . You can Get This App by Clicking Here . This website would require you to Fill Some Surveys to Download Garageband 6.0.5 but you can Bypass those Surveys to download the App by Following our Guide.


Install Garageband on Pc


You can Follow the Above Two Methods of Getting and Using Garageband on Windows PC and still you are not Satisfied , you can Follow Best Alternatives to Garageband for Windows PC .


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