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Vectus Hair Removal Machine Review 2018

vectus laser hair removal machine
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Recently the Skin Care & Laser Clinic at Mount Waverly invited me to visit to experience their offerings. Having had remedies on lasers previously, I had been curious to see exactly how their Vectus- Laser Hair Machine performs. I will examine my expertise getting a leg treatment that is complete with this technology and dispel some myths concerning laser hair removal.

Firstly I’d love to compare my treatments to the Vectus version that is newer. A number of you, like me, might be more acquainted with the Candela sort lasers, that operate along with a gas.

I need to say that it’s my taste for leg remedies of both after attempting the Cynosure technologies although I have experienced good success on this kind of machine. Primarily Cynosure’s Vectus machine has a head that is bigger, which means a surface area can be treated by it!

Further speeding is the fact that the machine contrasts between zaps or requires recovery. Consequently the treatment instances on areas like thighs, the chest or back are shaved in half! Pun intended. Another benefit is that this offering does not require any gases, which may feel unpleasant.

It has a crystal suggestion, which hydrates and touches your skin’s surface to negate the laser’s warmth. It is pretty awesome! I Personally Loved Services of as well. It is an Israel Based Company with Awesome Reputation and Quality of Services :).



vectus laser hair removal machine


I highly recommend it as an alternative to DIY solutions such as shaving or hair removal creams. Both are good temporary solutions, that can be done at a cheap cost in the comfort of your own home. Because they are temporary solutions you’ll have to keep using them.

However, Cynosure’s Vectus machine helps with hair removal long term since it zaps the hair at its roots, ensuring the hairs don’t’ grow back, so you only need to do this once and then you don’t need to go back to shaving or using hair removal creams to help.

Trying to find the Vectus device by Cynosure has been an experience. I was in good hands since the team in the Skin Care & Laser Clinic at Mount Waverly went over and beyond to make sure my experience was amazing. My practitioner explained every part of the procedure and was knowledgeable.

This not only impressed the science however, it made me feel secure because I could tell I was in able hands. Instead of carrying an hour, for the leg therapy I received, it had been finished in an hour around the Vectus machine. This is excellent for people like me or for the folks out there that desired their laser therapy could be. I wish when I began remedies 2 decades 16, that this option had been available to me.

I need to mention that it’s become the best process I have spent in. Sure you may anticipate a while, however, it waxing! And after 3-4 remedies any pain you might have felt original will considerably deteriorate as hair follicles are destroyed and not as hair grows back again.

In terms of the cost, if you think about the cost of waxing or the total amount of energy and time you devote into shaving, it works in your favour in the long term. Purchase your sessions and my suggestion if you’re concerned about the cost would be to save up.

Prices can cut in half and will make sure that you devote to treatments and it can be suggested for optimum outcomes.


vectus laser hair removal machine


It is a wonderful feeling having the ability to wear and being ready! In addition, I don’t need to be concerned about ingrown hairs (that I was more prone) or squander precious time shaving if my program is super active. In general, I’m living.

I would really like to hear your ideas if you have experienced some other laser treatments or this or previously.

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