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A Technology to Prevent crime, Terrorism and Epidemies.

In this article, we’ll speak about the IREX platform (https://irex.ai/) known widely and applied by large organizations to provide the proper safety of large gatherings of people. Among some of the current users of this technology are NBA, NFL, NCAA.

The hosts of major venues can be sure to prevent risk or threat to public safety using this smart product. Powered by machine learning, this platform provides crowd management, contact tracing, thermal cameras, facial recognition and safe social distancing.


You can relax knowing that all information is kept in a private cloud which is affordable and scaleable. You can get access to the product from any device and at any place in the world easily.

The private cloud is secure and reliable. The product can be integrated to an unlimited number of cameras and drones. And speaking of which can be used by unlimited users on almost any device including smartphones, desktops, laptops, tablets.

It can get access to a range of sources of information and draw it on public cameras, metal detectors, ticket and access controls, alarm systems and other sensors and bases which gather and keep the information of people. Moreover, it cooperates with Government Databases.

The tool identifies people by tons of filters including sex, age, race, accessories, beard and mustache and so on. It considers user comments, area of interests, licenses, events he attends, and other details. The service responds quickly to reveal factual data and sends out the alerts and audio signals to an alarm control panel.

 Current Realities We are Facing with Public Health

 The platform is efficient when it comes to crime prevention and counterterrorism efforts. And now with another raising concern- health protection. The product is extremely helpful particularly in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic providing the following vital options:

  1. Monitoring scopes of people. It keeps any gatherings under control through the cameras protecting every person from outbreaks of infectious diseases. IREX provides social distancing and manages crowds in accordance with current requirements.
  2. Social distance control. The AI is able to find crowding in public areas during coronavirus quarantine, for instance, and send notification to a responsible team. The service is ready to provide an overview.
  3. Thermal camera fever detection. It works in tandem with cameras and particular software allowing to reveal a person suffering from elevated temperature and still being in a public space. In the case of the positive result, it alarms and the responsible authorities should take measures. When it finds such a person, it continues tracking him on maps and floor maps as long as it is needed.
  4. Collaboration for Response Teams. The software verifies the quarantined person using their pictures uploaded into the base. It is able to provide personal information about them and offers public and private chats for users to discuss the events.


In other words, this multi-functional platform applying AI, Big Data and cloud technologies is one of the best at the today market. The private cloud is very reliable and its solid users prove this fact by being glad to benefit from it!


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