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How to Change your Facebook Name before 60 Days {Latest Method 2018}

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Facebook is best Place to Interact with our Friends and Family . It is the Best Social Media Network currently with Billions of Active Users. We can get any Latest News or Trends on Facebook . We can get so much Important Knowledge about any Field from Facebook Groups which contain only Like Minded People.


But we Use our name on Facebook so that its easy for Someone to Search us when they are searching for us on Facebook search. But many people want to change their Facebook Name to Something Unique and vice versa. This Article is Specially for those people and we will Guide you through the process of How to Change Facebook Name Before 60 Days Limit .


Facebook has an Option of changing Facebook Name after 60 Days Limit Time but we need to Change Before . Isnt it? So Read On….


How do I change Name on Facebook Before 60 Days Limit

  • First of all go and Confirm whether Limit is Present or Not by Going to ” Account Settings ” and click on ” Edit Name
  • If the Limit is Present , you will not be able to Click on your Name and you will see this message from Facebook ”¬†You Can’t Change Your Name Right Now Because You’ve Already Changed It Within The Last 60 Days. Learn More. “


change facebook name before 60 days latest method

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  • After Checking Limit , If Limit is Still Present then Click Here .
  • Click on ” Continue ” Button . By using This method , we can Change our Facebook Name as this method will let us Change Name in Further Steps.
  • Next Step is to Change your Password
  • After Completing This Step , They will tell you that your Facebook Profile Name was Changed Recently and will ask you which name do you want to have now
  • Simply Chose the Name that you want To Keep.


how to change facebook name before 60 days in 2018


By Using this Method you cannot Input a New Name but you can use this Method Infinite Times as of 2018.


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