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How To Edit Photoshop Files Online?

How to edit photoshop files online
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When you are looking to have perfectly pictured photographs in treasures of the memory, many of you look at an excellent photo editor, Photoshop.  The online Photoshop editor has many features to make the image picture perfect. There are even special training classes for the professionals to master the software. However, if you are looking to edit Photoshop files online, continue to read further to know ways to do it effectively.

If you are looking to edit Photoshop files online without the need for buying the paid version of the software,  free Photoshop and Photo pea are two good software you should know about. You can not only view PSD files online but also edit them comfortably. These tools have an interface similar to Photoshop, you can edit the files easily.

How to edit Photoshop files online?

Though there are many photo editors available online, most of them are not compatible with the PSD files. Now, let us have look at two different softwares that can be effectively used to edit PSD files.

Free photo tool

Photoshop free is another effective tool you can use to edit photos when you cannot afford to purchase an expensive desktop version of Adobe Photoshop.  The tool has some basic features of photoshop to make editing effective.  Amazing editing features of this  free Photoshop tool have motivated every graphic designer to have them on their desktops to edit photographs like a pro. This is a pretty much useful tool for anybody who wanted to create or edit existing photos with some basic features of Photoshop that can be used for free without the need for installing or downloading the software.  If you are looking for some photo editing tools that can help you create excellent graphics, banners or infographics, free Photoshop tool is one best option you can have a look at. It is an all in one graphic web application that can act as handy software for any graphic designer. You can either create a new image with the help of the tools available in them or browse a photo from your image list to start experimenting and making changes. The tool comes with easy to use interface make it easy for the beginners to use the software.  The software can be used on multiple operating systems and can be used for free at any time. You can now make your dream of using the Photoshop for free because it has all basic functionalities embedded in the software.

Photo pea editor

Photo pea is online photo editing software that graphic designers when they want to edit PSD files without the need for purchasing Adobe Photoshop version. Apart from PSD files, photo pea works effectively with GIMP and JPG files as well.  There is no need to purchase or install the software to edit photos online. By having plenty of features similar to Photoshop, the software is called as  free Photoshop most of the times.  The software is compatible with different operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

You can perform all the functions on PSD files using photo pea software like cropping, text tools, blur tools, bulge, and burn and eyedropper tools. Like Photoshop, the tool gives the user accesses to unique tools like editing text moving the object and accessing layers in PSD file. The tools give you an option of editing PSD files as well as save them to your desktop hassle free. Though the software is known as good photo editing software, it may not work effectively on all PSD files like Photoshop.



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