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FMWhatsApp APK for Android Smartphone

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app available on the internet and the majority of users are on WhatsApp. Around 5 billion users are using WhatsApp right now. In those 5 billion there are different types of users, some are in favor of the restrictions and policies of WhatsApp whereas some are against the policies. They need freedom from all those restrictions.


This article is for the second category. Today, I’ll be talking about an amazing application that can help you get rid of all those restrictions of WhatsApp. It is an amazing application because it works similar to WhatsApp on the backend but has no restrictions. Thus, you can use WhatsApp in a different way.

FMWhatsApp for Android   

While using official WhatsApp I felt that I don’t have the freedom to even perform the basic tasks like little customization, modifications in privacy settings. WhatsApp was like if you want to use then do it our way. I never appreciated such an environment and I decided to switch to FMWhatsApp.

The moment FMWhatsApp app was installed on my phone, I felt great actually. There were dozens of customization options, I can chat with anyone without having them on my contact list (the number is enough), I can even block someone partially i.e. I can block them on calls but can still have chat conversation anytime.

Features of FMWhatsApp

The next segment of this article will convince you automatically why you should download FMWhatsApp APK on your Android Device.


While installing any mod, the first fear we have is of getting banned from the officials. FMWhatsApp guarantees you to keep you away from such actions. It comes with an Anti-Ban feature that keeps you and your data safe.

Hide Double Tick, Blue Tick


FMWhatsApp gives you the option to hide your double tick, blue tick, and last seen. Though WhatsApp also offers you the same but on WhatsApp, if you are hiding your ticks then you won’t be able to check others also. But on FMWhatsApp, you can enable it on your side only.

10+ Images can be shared

FMWhatsApp allows you to send 10+ images at a time whereas on official WhatsApp you can’t share more than 10 images at a time along with this, WhatsApp compresses the images. WhatsApp downgrades the image quality but FMWhatsApp doesn’t make you compromise with the image quality.


FMWhatsApp gives you dozens of options to customize the user interface of the App as per your requirements. You can change the app theme, app icon. Apart from this, all the material for customization is prebuilt in the App itself Thus, no need to download any third-party App.


FMWhatsApp is an application that is as reliable as official WhatsApp and way more efficient than WhatsApp. FMWhatsApp offers a great user experience, I have tried it. I hope it will also meet your expectations. Just make sure that you are downloading the authentic APK of FMWhatsApp otherwise malware can affect your Smartphone adversely and can slow it down. Please share this post as much as you can.

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