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How to Hack Into someone’s WhatsApp Remotely

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There is no sense in denying it: for most of us, WhatsApp has become our addiction. The app has revolutionized our smartphone use. It can serve as a calling software, a chatting platform, file sharing platform, and a social media entity. As more and more people join WhatsApp’s already burgeoning population, the curiosity to hack into someone is also growing. Today, more and more mobile hacking app are available in the Indian market that claim to spy on WhatsApp and other social media platform. But they all have their benefits and downsides. As hacking is very sophisticated and is difficult for everyone to carry out, the cell phone spyware like Xnspy have become the only viable option to hack into someone’s Android device.

First, Choose a Cell Phone Spyware

Despite all the recent hardware and mobile software innovation, choosing the right mobile hacking app remains the most important decision. No matter which device you want to spy on, it’s futile if you end up selecting a wrong spyware. There are certain things you should keep in mind if you successfully want to hack into someone’s WhatsApp account. You have to consider the compatibility of the device first. It is obvious that you would want to choose a spyware that does not want the monitored device to be rooted or jailbroken before it is installed. Then there are performance considerations like battery drainage, app management and the ease of use. These are all good reasons to put the spyware decision first. Keeping in mind the above-discussed requirements, XNSPY cell phone spyware checks all the required boxes to monitor the WhatsApp messages.

Install the spyware on target phone

Once you have made your decision, go to their website to subscribe to the app. After the subscription step, you will receive an email containing the download link, login credentials, and installation instructions. If your target is using an Android device, then you need to access the device once and open the download link on its browser. Install the app after the download is complete. It will not take more than 3-4 minutes to install the app. Now the app is integrated into the target phone. And you can start monitoring. Now use your login details to access your account online and avail its services. One benefit of using the app is that it works in stealth mode. There is no icon on the target cell phone and it does not appear in the installed apps list as well.

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How to see WhatsApp messages?

When the app is installed, you can start getting the details about the WhatsApp through your account. Login to your XNSPY account and on the screen you will see a list of monitoring options. Select the “Messenger” option in the list. A new list of all the messengers monitored by the app will appear. Select “WhatsApp” from the list and the details about all WhatsApp conversations will appear on the screen. You can see every single chat thread one by one. What can you see on the WhatsApp? The Xnspy cell phone spyware can perform following surveillance functions on WhatsApp:

  • Spying on the WhatsApp chats: Every text message which is sent or received on the target phone will be shown in your account. After you install the mobile spying app on their phone, you can easily track all the text messages in the WhatsApp. You can easily read the whole conversation along with the time and date of the transmission. You would also be able to see the details of the contacts.
  • Accessing the shared multimedia: WhatsApp is the best platform these days for multimedia files sharing. It helps by letting you send images, audio clips, videos, small gifs, PDF, PPT, and word files easily to other people. But to see the complete record of all these files sent and received by a specific person, a cellphone spyware app can be your best tool.
  • Audio and video call details: Text and chats are not the only information that you can access through this app. Since WhatsApp also supports audio and video conversations, the spyware will allow you to easily see all these conversations. So when you access your account, you can view the calls made on the WhatsApp with the details like time, date and contact number of the other person.

Can the app spy on WhatsApp only?

  Xnspy cell phone spyware not only offers WhatsApp monitoring but can also perform more than 30 other monitoring functions on the target phone. Some of them are:

  • Location monitoring
  • Geo-fencing
  • Monitoring Facebook messenger, Skype, Line, Kik, Instagram, Tinder etc.
  • Monitoring calls and texts
  • Recording phone surroundings
  • Watch-list alerts
  • Remotely locking and controlling the cellphone


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