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Hamza Bendelladj: Who is He and why is he Robin Hood ?

hamza bendelladj death and sentence
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As He is Considered as Robin Hood in Hacking Community , Hamza Bendelladj Stole money from 200 American Banks using a Computer Virus in 2015 . He had Been Sentenced to 15 years of Prison by USA Court . He is 29 Year old as of Now and is a Computer Graduate . He is Considered and Called as Robin Hood Hacker.

But why ? Why Robin Hood?

This is Because Hamza Bendelladj Created a Banking Trojan called Spyeye . This Malware that gained Popularity in 2009 , Infected more than 1.3 Million Computers in USA . This Malware Program was used to Steal Login Information of Banking Softwares to transfer money elsewhere and these passwords were worth Millions . He Transferred all this Money to Palestinian charities . He used to Steal Money from West and give it to Palestinian charities . Thats why he is Called Robin Hood Hacker  .


He is also Known by the Name Smiling Hacker . Have a Look at him and you will know the reason .

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Hamza Bendelladj

Hamza Bendelladj Smiling

Hamza Bendelladj is a version of modern day online Robin Hood and is Worshipped In Algeria , His Home Country . Not only Algerians , Hackers from all Around the World Worship and Idolize him . He is the Inspiration for Hackers all over the world . Hamza was Born in 1988 in Tizi Ouzou , Algeria .

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It took two years to Catch Bendalladj, also Known as BX1. Authorities in Thailand arrested him on their soil and gave him to the US in 2013. He was named the “Smiling hacker” because he was Smiling when he was caught at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport.

He was charged with twenty-three different crimes  from 2009 to 2011, including several bank wire frauds, computer frauds and abuse schemes. Bendelladj , sold a copy of his Virus Spy Eye to an undercover agent for whopping $8,50,000 . It was at that moment when American law enforcement officers identified Hamza Bendelladj . Did You Know ? Hamza Bendelladj used to Change IMEI Number of His Iphone every Day

Panin, his partner in crime , and Hamza operated their cyber crimeware empire from Russia since 2009. He and Panin use to sell their Virus Spy Eye , for as much as $10,000 . Hamza and Panin sold their virus to more than 150 Cyber Criminals all over the world. One of them , whom they sold their virus,believed to have stolen $3.2 million during 6 month period using “SpyEye“ malware.




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Hamza Bendelladj Dead: True or False ?

After the news of US Court sentencing him gone Viral Online on Social Media Sites, Rumours began to Circulate that he was given a Death Penalty . In August, a user writing under the Twitter handle @Hassan_JBr wrote: “Algerian hero is 1/10 most dangerous hackers. Hacked 217 banks, sent $280,000,000 to Palestine. His sentence? death.” His message was retweeted more than 4,500 times. This Led to the US ambassador to Algeria, Joan Polaschik, tweeting that “computer crimes are not capital [ones] and are not punishable by the death penalty”.  Then US Authorities Finally Clarfied that he was Punished to stay in Prison for 15 Years . So Hamza was not given Death Sentence .

In 2015, Hamza, robin hood hacker, accepted that he transmitted more than one million spam emails containing strains of SpyEye and related software to computers in the United States, which resulted in hundreds of computers in America and Canada getting Affected and Infected with Virus .

Hamza Bendelladj ,who is just 29 years old now, will spend 15 years in a US Prison for the Hacking Crimes he and his partner , Panin committed . Despite he has admitted that he is Guilty and he has Committed these serious Crimes and has stolen a lot of Money ,  Hamza’s supporters which consists of Mainly Algerians and fellow hackers have hacked websites across the world which includes that of Air France and a Virginia university, demanding for his release using the hashtags #FreeHamzaBendellaj and #FreePalestine.



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