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How to Make a Website in 2018 | Step by Step Guide |

how to make a website
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Website is something that we relate with the collection of web pages.The websites basically have many functions included in it which can be used in many fashions such as the website can be created for personnel requirement.It can be created for commercial or business requirement. It is up to the need of the customers what they actually want and for what purpose they are building the website.


how to make a website


There are many providers available in the market who designs the website for the users to make it available for them easily. Most of the Website Hosting Providers are providing the one-click installer (CMS) for their customers to make their website easily available for their use.A website is something that can be accessible through the public Internet protocol such as the internet, local area network uniform resource locator,etc.




Basically, there exists two types of website in the market for the customers.The customers can easily take the use of such Web Hosting according to their needs and preferences. The types of website are explained below as:-


types of website


  • Static Website- The static website is generally termed as the the website that has web pages t be stored on the web server in the format such that they can be sent to the client web browser directly.This type of website is basically coding HTML, hypertext markup language and CSS, cascading style sheet. This type of website generally specifics the same way it looks to the visitors. These type of websites are directly get in touched with the clients for providing the services to them.


  • Dynamic Website- The type of dynamic website can be defined as, the one that changes itself frequently and automatically. These type of websites indulge with server side dynamic pages and also uses the language of HTML i.e. hypertext transfer protocol.There are wider range of software that are available for dynamic website pages such as java server, java server pages, etc.




How to make a website



Making the website is not a difficult task for the customers  in today’s scenario. As, internet is the best tool for all the customers which helps them at all time f we do not have sufficient knowledge about the particular topic. But, before we make our website, we must have some technological skills to be developed in us that will make us grow more and get more.


It is obvious that, creating the website can drastically change our business and can lead us from positive to negative or vice versa. The Website Hosting in India has become most important factor for every user who is running their business and need to develop it more confined to their users. Well, we must always remember that a good website need to have lot of efforts and a good designer and the client.




There are some few basic important pointers that are included before we create our website. Some of them are described below as:-


  • Budget– Get in touched with your registrar about the cost price for your website which is another important aspect for building your website.


  • Technical site– Before making your website always have the technical skills to be furnished in you, so that you can make your website easily and more clearly. The most suitable need’s to get planned with your domain name and registrar for your website.


  • Plan & clear– Once we have the exact purpose for our website, there must be clear plan to be made that is the look, design style, colour of your website.


  • Purpose– There must be a clear purpose to be evaluated behind making the website that whether you are making it for online business purpose or commercial or for your personnel spot.




steps to create a website



Here are steps explained below for creating the website for any purpose i.e. personnel, business or commercial use:-


  • Choosing the domain name- Choosing the domain name is the first step that is being included while you make your website. It is easier for the customers to choose the simplest domain name for their website that can be easily remembered to them such as  .com, .in, .org, etc. Always avoid the special characters, alphanumeric or digits to be included in your domain name.


  • Choosing the hosting plan- The second step that comes to the making of website is to choose the hosting plan, that suits best for your website. Although there are many hosting providers available in the market, you can easily choose any plan that is good for your website.


  • Installing WordPress- Installation is the third step that is to be included in website creation. You can easily install it either on any browser and can stop the process after installation. Website Design is important to take care of as well.


  • Making it your website- Finally, the website is created for you. You can easily work on it and can give the access to the public who are browsing the internet.

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