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How to Invite All Friends to Like Facebook Page at Once in 2018

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We all Know the Power of Facebook . Facebook has 2 Billion Active Users Currently in 2018 and Growing Rapidly . Undoubtedly , It is the Most Popular Social Media Network on Earth. Who would not Like to Establish his Business or Make a Page Related or Describing his Business on Facebook. But Many People use Facebook from Their Individual ID’s and dont have Knowledge of How to Promote their Facebook Page or Business . In this Guide , we would walk you through the process of how you can Invite All your Facebook Friends to Like your Facebook Page at Once with this Latest Method .

Normally , People Get Tired of Sending Invites all Day Long to their Friends for a Freaking Facebook page and then they Give up and Forget their Business or Fan Page . So Gadget Teacher has brought this Special Guide on how you can Invite all Your Facebook friends . This method can also Be used to Invite all Your Facebook Friends to to Any Upcoming Event.



Method 1: Using Chrome Extension to Invite all Your Facebook Friends

  1. Install Google Chrome Extension by Clicking Here
  2. This Extension is Very Helpful and can be Used to Invite all Facebook friends at One Click
  3. After you Install Chrome Extension by Clicking Above , Small Icon will Appear on The Top Right Side of the Screen as shown Below.


invite all friends on facebook with chrome extension


4. Note : Button will Only Appear when you Open

5. Now log into the Account whose Friends you wish to Invite to Facebook Page

6. New Pop up Window will Appear which will List all Facebook friends

7. Now Simply Click on the Icon which we had Installed in Earlier Step.



8. Wait for Some Seconds , All Friends will be sent an Invitation.


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Method 2 : Invite All Facebook Friends to Facebook Page using Script

In this Method we will give you a Script which you need to Copy and Paste at the place where we tell you to . The above Method works perfectly Fine but this method is an Extra Bonus as well . So here it Goes like This

  • First of all Open the Facebook page on whom you wanna invite your Facebook friends.
  • Then , Click on Invite Button on that Facebook Page.
  • Press F12 Button and a Window Known as Console Window will Open
  • Copy Code from below and Paste it in that Window as Shown in this Pic Below



var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘uiButton _1sm’); for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) { inputs[i].click(); }


  • After you Paste the Above Code into Console Box Window , Invitation will be sent to all your friends


We hope that these 2 Methods on How to Invite all Friends on Facebook at Once would be Useful for you and you would be able to Successfully invite all your friends to the Page . Comment us your Thoughts on this post.

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