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What is the New Domain of Kick Ass Torrents in 2018 ?

what is new domain of kickass torrents 2018
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Kickass Torrents is a Much Loved Torrent Website Worldwide with Huge users as it Provides Free Movies , Songs , Videos , Games and Different Files and we can Download them at a Very High Speed. Kickass Torrents used to Operate with the Domain Kat.cr but now it has Changed and Operated on New Domain

As we all know that FBI ( Federal Bureau of Investigation ) caught the Owner of Kick ass Torrents from Poland and shut Down all its Operations some months ago . Whole Internet using Population is in Trouble and wants to Download Those Important Resources listed and hosted on Kat.cr . So, if you are looking for New Domain of Kick ass Torrents , You are at  the Right Place .

A lot of People were asking us the Question ” What is the new Domain of Kickass Torrents or Kat.cr” , so here is their New Domain katcr.co/new . Artem Vaulin , the Admin and Owner of Kickass Torrents was Arrested in Poland and all Domains of Kick ass like Kickasstorrents.com , kastatic.com , kat.ph , kickass.cr , kickass.to  were seized by Police. But now , Other Members of Kat.ph and Kick ass Torrents have Grouped Together to form a Forum at Katcr.co . These Members had Already given a Hint that they would be back some day to Revenge Artem’s Arrest.

Hence they are Back with a Newer Version of Kat.ph , katcr.co/new/ . Do Check out their Domain and Download Movies , Softwares and Games for Free again . Check out Below


New Domain of Kick ass Torrents 2018


The Good Thing about this new Domain is that it is Maintained by the Same old Crew and Group Members . The Website still Contains those Irritating Pop up Ads which open on Different Tabs and Browser Windows. But when you are getting Stuff for Free , we can Bear Those Ads Considering Kickass Torrents also Needs to Earn From Somewhere .

All the Admins and Moderators of Kat.ph or Kickass Torrents have Rejoined the New Domain katcr.co/new without fearing arrest or Jail . This Shows their Enthusiasm and Loyalty towards Helping People Out.

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