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Surveillance Systems: Irreplaceable Gadgets for Your Trip

We often encounter surveillance in our day-to-day activities, and it comes in many forms. While in the past it has been used exclusively by government agencies to gather crucial information, or in a business setting to monitor the behavior of employees, the art of surveillance has extended to fleet management and even home security. For instance, in fleet management we have the EyeRide Automatic Passenger Counters – APC, which uses video analytics to provide important information about how passengers are utilizing your buses. Surveillance is now so important that it has been incorporated into home security, and is even being used during trips or vacations. When going on a trip, you have to travel like a pro. There are some items you must not forget to pack. Luckily enough, these items are not bulky, and as such, you will not regret packing them. These are the gadgets you should always bring on any trip.



  • Head flashlight


A flashlight is a traveling companion that can come in handy at all times. The best one you can get is a head flashlight. This flashlight can be quite helpful if you have some early treks, or as a source of light when visiting the bathroom at night. It can also help you find your way back to your camping site, and not only that, you will find it most useful if you are trying to find any item you lost in your kit bag. When you have a head flashlight, you can do anything you want, even if it is at night.

  1. Universal plug adapter

If you are going on an adventure—especially one that includes several countries, for instance, an exploration of countries in Southeast Asia, it is important to have this one item, which is better than carrying several adapters for each specific country. That is why having a universal plug adapter with multiple USB ports will be great, as it comes with maximum stability.

  1. Spare SD card

This is one thing you should not forget. The advantage of a spare SD card, especially compared to the other items, is that it weighs close to nothing. As such, it will not burden you at all. While out on your adventure, you should be taking many pictures of your memorable moments. It will ruin your experience if you run out of memory in these moments. Thus, a spare SD card can always come in handy.

  1. External battery recharger

This is an item that will be quite useful, regardless of the part of the world in which you are traveling, even in places where you do not have access to a power supply. The device can be connected using a USB cable to any other device you have, including your camera or your phone. These devices come in different sizes, and while some can charge multiple devices simultaneously, others can only charge one device at a time. If you get yourself one of these rechargers, you will not be worried about draining your battery.

  1. Camera

Although it appears last on the list, this is one item that you should not forget. In your adventures, you need to take both photo and video shots of any moment you feel must be captured. This cannot be possible if you do not have a camera with you. Luckily, due to current technology, you no longer need a camera if you have a smartphone. Current phones can do any job that a camera can do, and they do it just as well, if not better.


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