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How Does WinRar Compress And How Much Data You Lose?

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Who Has Developed WinRAR?

Eugene Roshal (developer), a Russian Software Engineer, is the creator of WinRAR (1993). His brother Alexander Roshal is the marketer of the product.


What Is The Exact Function Of WinRAR?

It is a File Compression Tool (WinZip) for all the versions of Windows and various other operating systems. The main utilities of WinRAR include – File Compression with the integration of Contextual Menu (context menu, pop up, and shortcut) and archive spanning (wrapped many smaller files into a data packets or a single file and packed into different-file archives).


Why Is WinRAR A Trialware (Shareware)? Does It Have An Expiry Period?

WinRAR is available free of cost for 40 days, hence it is a Trialware. After the trial period, it gives a continual boot-up or pop-up reminder message, which is surely annoying. But you can continue using this tool forever free of cost by saying NO’ to the paid version.

And believe me, after looking at the utility value of WinRAR, after a specific period, you prefer to buy this tool for your home use. A business user mostly buys the paid version to avoid any legal hassles.


What Is The Compression Ratio Of WinRAR?

Eugene Roshal has patented the Compression Algorithm of WinRAR, and hence it is a proprietary tool. The algorithm used is highly grander and difficult, but the compression output is beyond comparison.

The official confirmation of the compressed file size ratio is 31.0. This is highly superior and allows very smooth file transmission. But depending on the algorithm used, usually, this ratio tends to change as per the entropy of the data. Various parameters like General Compression,

Advanced Compression to compress the files is available in the menu to increase the compression ratio. But by adjusting various parameters, the compression ratio can be enhanced, but the processing time might increase.


How Does WinRAR Compress The Data And How Much Data Is Lost?

Firstly, How Does WinRAR Compress The Data?

* The main function of WinRAR is compressing the data with the patented algorithm for further processing of transmission and storage.

* In the initial stage of compression, many multimedia (text, audio, still images, etc.) and hypermedia (graphics, media, and continuous media) filters are applied for Waveform Audio File (.wav) and Bitmap (.bmp) file formats.

* After applying the filters, WinRAR applies – if required – Huffman Encoding (loss-free data encoding algorithm) or PPM (Partial Matching Compression).


Secondly, What About Data Loss?

In reality, there is no data loss if your download WinRAR from a reliable source. The data is compressed to save the storage space, and you can retrieve the data as per your need in the future.


What Is The Safety Ratio Of WinRAR?

Remember, it is very important to download any freeware or trialware from a reliable source. Else, even the creator cannot assure its safety.

Respected official WinRAR 64 bit official website is recommended.

Point to remember here is, if you compress a corrupted file using WinRAR, it will get compressed because its main function is to compress and not check whether your file is tainted or corrupt.

* If you want to download WinRAR Free of the cost, you can visit WinRAR 64 Bit official website.

* Select English WinRAR’ in the download section. Read the agreement to accept the same, and your download is successful.

WinRAR is exclusively a Windows tool, but it also supports MAC OS X, Linux, Android, and Free BSD.


Some Unknown & Interesting Facts Of WinRAR:

Developer Is Not The Owner:

Though Eugene Roshal is the developer of the WinRAR, he does not own it! Isn’t it astonishing? The reason is more astounding! Eugene has no time to work on the software and its patent issues concurrently! His elder brother takes care of all the copyright issues.


File Fragmentation Of Huge Data:

This is an excellent tool that can help you transfer a single file in two different portable disks or USBs!

  1. Select a file that you want to fragment.
  2. Right-click and press “Add Files To Archives.”
  3. Find “Split to File, Bytes” in the drop-down menu
  4. Select the option of your choice – CD ROM, DVD, 1.44Mb FDD, or Auto Detect.
  5. Choose your option, and rest will be done by WinRAR.


Unending 40 Days Trial Period:

After the completion of 40 days, WinRAR will always remind you to activate it with a small fee. Though this is not compulsory to support the owners, you can pay for it! But, this constant reminder might the user and maybe, after a particular period, you tend to pay the amount!


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